Tropical Forest Honey, Produce of Meghalaya
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Tropical Forest Honey

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Tropical Forest Honey

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Raw Tropical Forest Honey -harvested from the Rain-Forest Region

The Holy Grail Of Good Health, harvested from the wild bee Hives, deep in the incredibly diverse, highland rainforest of Meghalaya which are also known for one of the oldest living eco-system in the world. The rain-forests are incredibly diverse and complex, home to more than half of the world's plant and animal species—even though they cover just 6% of Earth's surface. Tropical Rain-forest Honey contains much more beneficial enzymes, antioxidants & bio-active compounds than most honey. Imagine harvesting the health benefits of every rain-forest plant and imbuing it into an elixir. Robust medicinal properties of rain-forest plants are carried over to tropical rain-forest Honey.

Tropical Wild Forest Honey Hive
  • HARVESTING: After manually squeezing the honey out of honeycombs, we use normal cotton cloth to remove only hive debris yet retaining all the natural goodies like propolis, royal jelly, wax & bee pollen. Next stage is to manually fill this honey in the bottle. No plant or machinery has been used in the entire process.
  • UNADULTERATED: This raw honey is unprocessed, unheated, free from all type of adulteration such as sugar, corn syrup, artificial additives, coloring agents or preservatives. In fact we have not deeply filtered it.
  • NATURAL NUTRIENTS: It is a bee pollen enriched super-food which naturally contains Vitamins, Minerals, amino acids, micro-enzymes. It is a great source of Antioxidant, boosts the immune system and known for its Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial properties.
  • COLOR and TASTE: Dark brown in color with medium viscosity with woody & smoky aroma and the taste.

This honey is 100% natural, raw, unprocessed without any adulteration.

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