We can help you to launch 100+ products such as honey, herbs, cosmetics, soap, candles, pickles, and other by-products with your brand name!!

Royal Bee Brothers has expertise to manage end to end contract manufacturing product life cycle for the customers. We have helped multiple companies in India to develop their private label natural honey and other by-products.


Our scope includes free consultation, helping the customers for product compliance registration, packaging with pre-designed labels that carry your logo, your company’s name and address on the label & a retail price decided by you. 


We can help you to setup your own brand online eCommerce store, seller registration on major eCommerce store such as Amazon, Flipkart, Qtrove etc and end to end online sales management service.

 online store management services to launch your own brand, we will provide you end to end white labeling services


We are characterized for quick turnaround time, small minimums (Low MOQs) & minimum inputs from you to get products in your label. We enjoy working with other businesses whose ethos and heritage resonates with that of the Royal Bee Brothers.

Honey Lab Testing AssistanceAs the industry leader, Royal Bee Brothers understands that your name is your reputation. We guarantee that your private-label honey and our other product will uphold the reputation that you have worked hard to establish. From packing to product quality to shipping, we stand behind your commitment to bring your consumers a top-quality product at a competitive price.

If this interests you, we are very happy to discuss the possibilities of white labeling for honey and other product with you.

Feel free to reach us for more details at: +91-9818200240 / +91- 9205961182 / info@royalbeebrothers.com