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Wild honey harvesting & beekeeping have been our traditional family business since generations. Rich in heritage and family history, Royal Bee Brothers Honey is one of India's best-loved forest honey brands. Royal Bee Brothers heritage includes third generations of wild honey harvesting in India, located in dense forest region of Bahraich (Uttar Pradesh).

Honey Hive built in the tree

 A wealth of health and medicinal recipes, that were found to work extremely well, were passed on from one family member to the next. This tradition still carries on today. We do not use plant and machine; our all products are handmade. We harvest the honey from pesticide free, antibiotics free and pollution free remote areas of the forests which are known for its rich and diverse ecosystem where indigenous wild forest bees such as Apis Dorsata, Apis Laboriosa etc feed and forage on naturally grown medicinal herbs.

All our honey are raw, unprocessed, unheated and unpasteurized as beneficial enzymes in the honey gets destroyed during processing & deep filtration. The collected honey packed in bottles after 1 layer filtering with cotton cloths. We sell the honey in its most natural raw form, it has all beneficial enzyme and pollen intact.

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We work with cooperative societies and local settlements in Indian forests and Himalayan foothills where tribal honey harvesters collect the honey from natural beehives in cliffs and trees. We have our association with honey collectors, local tribes & communities of Odisha, Nilgiri Mountains, Sundarbans, Kartaniyaghat Forest, Kashmir and Nagaland.

We also offer consultancy of Apis Mellifera honeybees for hobbits and at resort, hotel, school & colleges and individual farmhouses which could be fit fir pollinators and people to live side by side. Our consultancy includes site survey, selection and deployment of honeybee boxes, monitoring and creating bee habitats, honey harvesting along with annual comprehensive warranty.

We are working in collaboration with recognized bodies like WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for helping the forest ecosystem and ensuring that the forest honey collector communities get the premium amount of their honey.

Harvesting Honey from Forest by Royal Bee Brothers

Besides honey, we are also engaged in manufacturing and supplying bee extracting tools, equipment’s and dresses. The types of products that we offer to our clients are Honey, Bee pollen & royal jelly, bee wax & comb foundation, Honeybees, Beehives, Bee keeping clothing and bee keeping equipment & tools.

Harvesting Wild Forest Honey in the Forest

Under strict supervision of some of most experienced and expert personnel, we offer clients a wide range of beehives in both standard as well as customized finishes. Made using quality materials, we manufacture these beehives in varied sizes and finished patterns. We can also customize Beehives based on customer’s specification.

Feel free to reach us for more information at toll free number 1800-890-1182