The Last Honey Hunter

Deep within the enchanting embrace of a majestic forest, lies the thriving enterprise of the "Royal Bee Brothers" family—a lineage committed to harnessing the treasures bestowed upon them by nature. This narrative unveils the tale of a family-owned business house, built upon a harmonious connection with the forest and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable practices. From generation to generation, the Royal Bee Brothers family has embraced the wonders of the forest, transforming its gifts into an array of exquisite, eco-friendly products that enchant and captivate consumers worldwide.

Honey Harvesting Team

The roots of the Royal Bee Brothers family's forest product business can be traced back to a humble cabin, where the ancestors of the present generation first recognized the boundless potential hidden within the forest's embrace. With great reverence, they learned the secrets of responsible forest management and the delicate art of extracting natural resources without compromising the ecosystem's vitality.

Honey Comb Basket

As the seasons waxed and waned, the Royal Bee Brothers family's bond with the forest grew stronger. Passed down through the ages, their knowledge and expertise in sustainable practices flourished. From identifying the ideal time for honey & herbs harvesting to preserving biodiversity, each successive generation embraced the family's commitment to leaving the forest in a healthier state than they found it. Today, at the helm of the family business, stands Gaurav Kakkar & Vijay Ojha, a guardian of traditions and an advocate for sustainable forestry practices.

The Royal Bee Brothers family has long been mindful of the forest's delicate balance and the importance of nurturing its resources. They employ sustainable forestry practices, meticulously selecting various types of forest honey hives, herbs & shurbs for harvesting based on age, size, and species.

Multiple Honeycomb on a branch of tree

Furthermore, the Royal Bee Brothers actively engage in forest restoration and conservation efforts. Royal Bee Brothers collaborate with environmental organizations and participate in reforestation initiatives, not only within their own lands but also in neighboring regions. Royal Bee Brothers commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond their business interests, aiming to protect the forest's intricate web of life for future generations.

Honey based Gulkand making

Royal Bee Brothers understands the importance of community engagement and actively involves women cooperative society, local residents in the sustainable forestry initiatives. Royal Bee Brothers collaborate with forestry schools, organize workshops, and provide educational resources to promote a deeper understanding of responsible forest management. By nurturing a sense of stewardship among the local population, Royal Bee Brothers encourage others to join our mission of protecting and preserving forest ecosystems.

Purest and Organic Honey of India

Beyond community engagement, Royal Bee Brothers champion conservation advocacy to support environmental organizations and initiatives. Royal Bee Brothers contribute to the establishment of protected areas, engage in wildlife conservation efforts, and work towards preserving the natural habitat of endangered species.

Lady Honey Hunter of India