"Begho Bhoot" is a term used in Bengali folklore and refers to a type of ghost or spirit. In Bengali culture, there are many stories and legends about Begho Bhoot, which are often used to explain unexplained events or to scare children. The exact nature and appearance of Begho Bhoot can vary, but they are often portrayed as malevolent spirits who haunt certain places and harm humans.

In the Sundarbans region of Bangladesh and India, Begho Bhoot is a well-known part of the local folklore and is said to inhabit the dense mangrove forests. People often attribute strange sounds, disappearances, and other mysterious events to the presence of Begho Bhoot, and many believe that they can cause harm to those who venture into the forests.

Overall, Begho Bhoot is an example of the rich tradition of ghost stories and folklore in the Bengali culture, and it continues to be an important part of the cultural heritage of the region.