Tribal Gift Box

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Rs. 799.00
Rs. 799.00
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Tribal Gift Box
Rs. 799.00
Rs. 799.00
Product Description

The Tribal Gift Box, an exquisite collection of diverse forest honey varieties, is a delightful treasure for those eager to embark on a flavorful honey adventure. Bursting with the essence of nature's bounty, each jar embodies the unique terroir of its origin. From the robust tang of wildflower honey to the delicate sweetness of Sundarbans honey, this assortment offers a symphony of tastes to tantalize the palate. Handpicked from remote tribal regions, these honeys carry the stories of ancient traditions and pristine landscapes. A true homage to nature's purest gifts, this box is a must-have for honey enthusiasts seeking to savor the richness of the wild.

1. Sundarbans Forest Honey

2. Himalayan Multi-Flora Honey

3. Tribal Forest Honey

4. Essence of Seven Sisters Honey

5. Wooden Dipper

6. Customized message (butter paper)

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