Vinegar Pickle or Sirika ka Achar is an excellent traditionally prepared mix veg and fruit pickle by the women from the cooperative society.

Vinegar Pickle | Sirka Achaar| - 400 g

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Sirka Achaar or Vinegar Pickle is the holy grail of Indian pickle. Mouth watering and delicious Vinegar pickle is the epitome of culinary strength; it is an art that is combined with the science of food preservation. It starts with preparing the from sugarcane vinegar and adding mango, Red Chili, Garlic, Jack-fruit and ground spices. The exotic flavor of this pickle comes when putting it under sunlight in clay pot for 3-4 months. It's now ready to eat.

Moisture spoils the pickle so use only clean and dry hand and spoon.

This product is completely homemade. No chemical preservatives added making this product 100% natural.