The Spiritual Gift Box

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Rs. 899.00
Rs. 899.00
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The Spiritual Gift Box
Rs. 899.00
Rs. 899.00
Product Description

The Spiritual Gift Box is the epitome of thoughtful gifting for those seeking to enrich their spiritual voyage. Crafted with care and curated with intention, this box is a beacon of inspiration. Seamlessly blending elements of mindfulness, healing, and introspection, it offers a sanctuary of spiritual tools. From crafted Ram Mandir to forest honey, wooden spoon, and pocketbook, each item is meticulously chosen to nurture the soul. Whether for a seasoned practitioner or a curious novice, this gift speaks to the heart's quest for meaning. It is a gateway to meditation, a path to self-discovery, making it an invaluable treasure trove for anyone yearning to deepen their spiritual connection.

1. Replica of Shri Ram Mandir (MDF)

2. Raw Forest Honey (500g)

3. Wooden Spoon

4. Mini Story book (honeybees)

5. Customized message inside the box (butter paper) 

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